Travellers' Reviews

Jacqueline lahy
February 2014

I would like to comment on some of your employees which our group met during our trip through Rajasthan from 8th Feb to 20 Feb included.First of all, our driver Mr. AJIT SINGH. He was the best driver you could imagine. He drove us safely and prudently during the 12 days we travelled through Rajasthan. The bus was always very clean. He was always very considerate for each of us. He took could care of the persons that were sick during the trip (at least for 3 of them he had to stop several times). If I come back in the area in the near future I would ask for him as driver again. I wish him good health and all the best in his career. Secondly, our guide in Udaipur, SOURYIA PRADDESH PALEVAR (9 February). I was very keen on giving us all possible information on the city. He was very open on us questioning for him to improve still. Very much appreciated his guided tour. Best wishes to him. Thirdly, a young guide (did not note his name) in Mandawa on 13 February. A very good guide with the necessary authority to guide the group and do everything possible to solve problems. With somewhat better knowledge of French he will become a perfect guide.
Fourth, our guide in Delhi, NARESH JAIN on 18 and 20 February. He was a very fine guide. He has a wide knowledge and explained in detail different aspects of Delhi and life and culture of India overall. We all appreciated his personality. Wish him as well all the best for his future.

July 2013

We are back to home. good trip on time with Aeroflot. We are very happy about the trip did with Gets holidays. We would want to insist on the disponibility and the professionalism of Ajit our driver during this 2 week. He was also very friendly and heplfull during the tour (for ex; We had a probleme with our camera after Jesalmer camel ride. He found the right person in Jodhpur andthe camera was repared in 10 minutes without charge). You are very Lucky to work with people like him. We hope to see him again in the future.