Travellers' Reviews

Ms. Devi
December 2018

Visited India in December 2018. Had my holidays planned by Gets Holidays. Was very well planned with beautiful hotels, well versed guides and drivers. Their co-ordinator was constantly in touch with us to see that we were comfortable which made us feel safe and travel without any worries. Well done and thank you Gets Holidays for making our India trip a beautiful memorable trip. Will get Fets Holidays for our next tour to India again.

October 2018

"For my Birthday, Saraswati's Dreams!"
It's been 6 months since I brought an ancient legend home from Jaipur. Stories of duty and sacrifice led to a new beginning in life. I now work in an Indian Company that encouraged me to pursue my dreams, tell my stories, and make the world a better place... wearing traditional clothes to meetings! For the past few months, like the story of Jodhaa, Princess of Jaipur I forged a peace between warring factions and set my sights to visit India again, this time for my birthday!

It was just a few weeks ago when I rang up GeTS Holidays, told them, "You know my nickname from Jaipur - plan for my birthday."

"I brought home from Rajasthan this silver Saraswati statue. Each night in my dreams I saw temples across the water in a City of Gold. I'd like to tell my tales on the Battlefield of Kurukshetra, where all our wisdom and knowledge was chronicled 5 millennia ago..."

Like a genie from a lamp the itinerary was created from scratch - a full custom tour no less! Soon I found myself on these legendary curved wings of carbon and steel, aboard a Dreamliner on my way to see the Golden City for real.

But wait, let's make things better, like my previous 8 Days in the Golden Triangle, save the main attractions for last. I am not there to be sheltered like a tourist. Let me be with the people of India. With my love for the land and all its history there will be magic. And then, when I return to Amritsar, I would walk amongst the crowd perfectly comfortable, like everyone was family to me.

Everyone today says travel in India alone has its risks, and they even say the age of minstrels and poets are long gone... so it was I made it my mission to tell the tales of Rajputi legends with my own tongue, having done duty and sacrifice for the Mothers of India (a story for another time). Go to India, they said, find your past life. You will like it there.

So it was I visited the great Banyan tree that bore witness to the actual Kurukshetra War, paid respects to all the deities of the land, and received blessings from all the wonderful people I met on the road from friendly Amritsar, beautiful Chandigarh, and onwards to the serenity of Kurukshetra where I performed the rites I wished a year to perform - a Hindu's wish to commemorate a first year in a new way of life.

Now the wonderful hospitality of Punjab will never leave my thoughts. It inspires me to keep doing good, keep sharing the stories that led to knowledge, wisdom, and liberation from oppression caused by this past wonderful year of cultural exchange. Imagine, two weeks in India to conquer three decades of oppression and misinformation!

They don't call this land Incredible India for nothing. I even loved partaking in the patriotic songs and dances at the Wagah Border!

For being (mistakenly) called those wonderful names of devotion and honor, so have I dedicated myself to serving the Hindustani people in work and spirituality.

For now duties call, and the Adventures of the Lost Sheep and the Temples of Gold had ended, but one day, I shall return.

Next year I will bring my stories back to the land which they were born. A Rajasthani summer adventure for a lost sheep that dared to walk alone in a foreign land, trust the locals, and found new names to share knowledge and wisdom by. It will be duty, to pay respects in kind.

Just remember it's GeTS Holidays who are the only tour operators in the world knowledgeable enough, welcoming enough, and flexible enough to make such magic happen - you won't find this Amritsar - Chandigarh - Kurukshetra - Amritsar 5D4N sightseeing / pilgrimage itinerary anywhere but in Saraswati's Dreams!


Mr. Sundara Raju Alagirisam
June 2018

We had a good time and thank you for the service rendered.

April 2018

You'd think it strange to write a full review while I'm still in Day 2 of 8 of my trip but why not? I love India. Not just as a tourist, but as someone who has benefited greatly from working with Indian mothers overseas and now fits in perfectly strolling around Connaught, Rajpath and Kailash Colony alone.

The kind ladies and gentlemen of GeTS Holidays made all this magic possible. Mr. Ashutosh was the mastermind of my customized and expanded Golden Triangle tour itinerary and many of the changes and additions are meant to give me more time on my own to enjoy mingling with the locals.

Unlike many other tour agencies the suggested modifications were welcomed and then seamlessly integrated to the standard Golden Triangle private tour where my guide from Agra, Rishi Ji proved to be so far beyond exceeding expectations that I would regard him as extraordinary.

Our tour of Agra wasn't about the monuments it was about Indian history, ancient world trade. At Agra Fort we discussed at great lengths desi military tactics that would have matched the likes of Clausewitz and Sun Tzu.

And for each tiny detail of architecture every room he told me a special story about it. Each and every room, each and every important person who used to inhabit it. It certainly brought these wonders of the world to life in its own special way.

At the end of Agra Fort tour I was invited to enter the home of a Hindu empress alone. The place is empty now but in my mind were colorful drapings and the scent of incense. I said a prayer at a spot that gave me nice feelings and where I imagined the statue of my favourite Hindu Goddess would be.

The camera refused to focus correctly when on that spot. And only at that spot it refused to work right when the rest of the day it was flawless.
What shrine I had just uncovered? Armed with a wealth of knowledge about Mughal royal politics, architecture, history, commerce and military strategy I was then invited to take a tour of Taj Mahal. It was the mega structure of its time and a labor of love that will stand a thousand years for a king's love for his wife.

It truly felt special as Rishi Ji walked me through the courtyard, gate and vast expanse of the gardens giving me the exact same attention to detail and personalized guidance just like in Agra Fort.

Only this time we delved so deeply into governing our own imaginary empires that we started discussing about modern Indian Law as well!

Stepping into the main mausoleum truly felt like stepping into someone's house as a guest. My incredible guide led by example making sure everyone around us had the same reverence for the inhabitants and masters of the place. No photos allowed, that's fair for all. We can understand the good reason behind this regulation. If you were Mararajah you would impose the same, yes?

And we ended the day on that note. We were not tourist and guide. Not Kali/Durga devotee on the streets of Delhi.
For a day, we were Maharajah and royal Guru, and it has deepened my love and my understanding for Indian culture and history tenfold.
Truly, if you are able to see the Taj not as a material monument but a spiritual focal point for all Indian Civilization and the virtues of timeless wisdom, exclusive knowledge preserved from centuries past, and the unity of different cultures... You can go anywhere in India and experience what is true desi hospitality and enjoy India to the fullest.

Because in your mind is the greatest respect for all the knowledge the Goddess Saraswati has bestowed on all the land since time immemorial.
For the first time in my life I feel I belong somewhere. And it felt so special to have experienced the magic of Agra. It takes a special kind of guide to engage with you with your interests to bring your enjoyment to such a level.

Thanks so much for making my wildest dreams come true from that one small idea 3 months ago. Onwards to Rajasthan and my other dream which involves traditional dance :)

And as for you dear reader, give GeTS Holidays a try, and be Maharajah for a day as well. It is truly unforgettable.
May Maa Durga watch over you.


Louis Tan
January 2018

To travel well and successfully one needs to do detailed research and one’s own planning. Which places to visit, what to see and do, how many days to stay, what level of hotel comfort and accommodation desired, check out the hotels on the internet, what modes of transportation to match desired experiences and so on.
However, no matter how much self-preparation takes place most travelers would need the assistance of a good local travel agency that knows the country well, has a good network of country offices, knows the ropes to handle all the support services that will make the journey comfortable, pleasant and without any unnecessary hassle. But most importantly between the two parties, communicating desires and expectations, asking questions, providing information, clarifying doubts in an open, friendly and trusting manner will prevent any possible misunderstandings from taking place and make the trip not only satisfying and interesting but also enjoyable. We just got back from India after spending 8 days visiting the Rajasthan cities of Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. A planned 2nd trip for which communications with GeTS Holidays started in 2016 and which was finally realized this month( I traveled with GeTS Holidays after 2 years of communications for my first trip to India covering New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Varanasi and Khajuraho in 2013).

Throughout my communications with the company I have found the staff to be knowledgeable, professional, patient and responsive to all my queries and repeated changes in travel plans. During our Rajasthan adventure we were received by the company’s representatives at each location to assist our hotel check-ins and check-outs and if there were any need for local guides to assist us with knowing local history and culture. We had an excellent driver, punctually picking us up from our hotels, who was exceptionally careful on the roads, accommodating and routinely ensuring that we cover all the places in our itinerary in enough time as well as attend to our creature needs along the way.

In Jaisalmer we decided to have a company guide take us to the fort, havelis, Gadisar Lake and walk the streets of the old city. He was very professional, unassuming, polite and very patient answering all our questions and clearing any misconceptions that we might have had. The accompaniment was truly educational. Something we would have sorely missed should we have decided to do it on our own. Along the way we received daily calls from GeTS Holidays Customer Service Department in New Delhi to check on our progress and if everything was going well. We had a thoroughly enjoyable trip. We felt safe and in good hands and our travels were incident-free. Now that we are back, we are planning our third trip to India and this time again with GeTS Holidays.

January 2018

Dear Arijit, Vikram, Ms. Ritu and Ms. Shivani, We got back home yesterday early morning. We had a wonderful time and learnt a lot from both our driver, Surendra Bhatt and our guide in Jaisalmer, Dinesh Joshi ( pictures attached ). India remains very fascinating for me. The culture, colours, the scenery and the people. Everyone we met along the way were very friendly, very helpful with directions with many offering to help when we looked lost. I notice an optimism that I did not see 5 years ago. Many new roads being built and the people following security rules without complaint nor fuss. All this the fine work of Mr. Narendra Modi, your prime minister. I hope he can carry on the great work he is doing for more years to come.
Thank you for making our travels smooth and without hassle. We were well received in Delhi by no-nonsense Arshad. A good asset especially when he is trying to go through important details on the itinerary. Arshad speaks perfect English and we had a great time chatting with one another. He was very helpful checking us into the Intercity Hotel and accompanying us to the airport. A great guy, courteous and very polite.
Our thanks also go to Ms Ritu who phoned us regularly to check on how we are doing throughout the trip. At the same time I need to apologise to her; for some reason I kept on calling her “ Situ “ rather than “ Ritu ”. Sorry about that Ritu.
And of course our thanks too to Arijit, Vikram and Shivani for your kind patience and prompt response to my many queries and the repeated changes to my planned itinerary.
We like our driver, Surendra Bhatt, who drove us all the way from Udaipur to Jodhpur and Jaisalmer and back to Jodhpur, very much. He is always punctual when picking us up; dutiful and exceptionally careful when driving. Always ensuring that the roads are clear before over-taking the cars in front. His smattering of English was good enough for us to understand him and we had a lot of fun chatting with him and making jokes, learning Hindi words like kutta, guy, bakara bakari (?) and of course numbers from him. He is accommodating and remained perpetually cheerful despite the long, hot tiring drives. Because our luggage had to be put on top of the car Surendra had to be always watching over them making his meal times unpredictable.
We also like Dinesh Joshi, our guide in Jaisalmer very much. When we arrived in Jaisalmer, Mr. Bhanu from your local office, met us at the hotel and asked if we would like to have a guide show us around the next day. We thought it wasn’t necessary. I later got a call from the office again asking if we would like to have a guide for the next day. I told the caller that we didn’t need one. The next morning, Mr. Dinesh Joshi was outside waiting for us out of his own initiative and, what a difference he made! He speaks perfect English, is very knowledgeable and knows the history and the old city streets very well. It was an excellent introduction to Jaisalmer. Something we would not have been able to achieve without him. We had a lot of questions to ask. Dinesh certainly “ made our day “ in Jaisalmer a most interesting and educational one.
Thank you all for making our trip a very smooth, efficient and memorable one.

December 2013

I want to send my thank you and feedback for my driver for my tour (Pradeep). He was an awesome driver and did and great job of picking me up and dropping me off at each of my tour destinations. Big thank you and great job for him. Overall, I loved my tour, all of my tour guides were every good and had very well knowledge of each sight. I'm very happy and will definitely recommend all of my friends to take this packet in the future. Once again, thank you and to all the members for my trip!

Purnima Mujumdar
August 2013

Thnx very much. We enjoyed our trip to Chennai and Mahabalipuram very much. The trip was well planned according to our expectations. We'll certainly recommend your travel agency to our friends and family. Thnx Gets holidays for planning the trip for us and being very prompt with replying.

K Unnikrishnan
August 2013

We were generally satisfied with the services from GeTS Holidays. The hotel accomodations at all our ravel destinations, airport pick-up/drop-off services, tour services were all excellent. We were impressed with your services and will definitely recommend your company to our friends/relatives visiting India.

Rohan Mane
February 2013

It indeed was a great trip. All credit goes to you. Everything was as accurate as the itinerary. Even the pre-booking coordination was so helpful ! No complains, no regrets !! Excellent !!

Amerendran Velayudham
February 2013

Thank you GeTS Holidays for organising this wonderful India trip for us we really and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the trip. Driver was fabulous! I must admit he was a gem of a man! He guided us very well, he was prompt on time and was ready to bring us wherever we wanted. He told us the things around, he knew what kind of food we would like and type of places to eat! He's great! On the whole, it was a great experience for all of us! We enjoyed it! We are looking forward to more India trips in future. And if you happen to have any great deals on trips do drop me a line i would certainly consider Gets Holidays again!

Mugdha Wadivkar
February 2013

Highly recommended travel company! Great customer service and value for money travel trips and very caring staff especially the Drivers.

Karen Lee
January 2013

We engaged the service of GeTS Holidays for our two-week Rajasthan tour in Jan/Feb this year. Email response was always prompt and efficient. Itinerary for our tour was well-arranged and reasonably-priced. Staff were helpful. We could always count on them to help us out when we encounter difficulties. Service recovery was prompt. We were offered complimentary dinner. Received follow-up calls from time to time to ensure that everything went well. Very appreciated! Hotels were located within close proximity to main attractions. Transport was nothing fantastic but acceptable. Most importantly, we had a safe driver. We found GeTS Holidays to be helpful and efficient. There were a few faults here and there, but thankfully their excellent service recovery saved them.

Louis Tan
January 2013

I have been fascinated with India and especially Varanasi for quite some time. Although a number of local Singapore travel agencies do offer tours to India they tend to cater to larger groups and with very little time during the tour to afford the opportunity to get close to Indian culture, history and the people who make India what it is: interesting, colorful, culturally rich, historically amazing and religious.
I decided that the best way to go about experiencing India was to book the tour with a resident travel agency. I started my search paging through Indian travel agencies on the internet . The question that was always on my mind as I did the trawling and without any knowledge of the Indian travel industry was how does one ascertain the credibility and authenticity of the travel agency especially with the many reported scams, rampant internet fraud and phony write-ups that we read about frequently. Miss Hina Satwani, Sr. Executive – Inbound Division helped establish my confidence with using GeTS Holidays through months of ‘ courtship ‘ from May 2012 through January 2013 and before our departure emailing me travel itinerary information , calling me on the telephone regularly on my decision with travel plans to India, updating me with information and promptly responding to my many queries. Miss Hina’s responsiveness, persistence and good rapport helped make up my mind to use GeTS Holidays even though there was still a wrongly ‘ perceived ‘ risk on the 20% deposit paid in advance for hotel booking and train/flight tickets. What was just as impressive as we made our way through our itinerary were calls from Miss Tsering Choenyi - Guest Relationship Manager to our hotel rooms enquiring if everything was going well and if there were any complaints or need for assistance. The team work at your company is truly admirable.