Travellers' Reviews

Mr.Sittichai Siripanthana
November 2016

Thank you for your follow up my trip and kept contact to me almost every day during the trip to confirm that every thing OK.
Thanks to GetsHolidays for the perfect arrangement both before the trip and also during the trip.
Driver , Mr. Sunil , very very good driver and never forget him.
Hope we will get Service from GetsHoliday again in very near future.

Shalini Chungh
September 2014

This was our first trip with Gets Holiday. From the promptness of the planning and the execution, there has hardly been any mistake. All the hotels were amazing and there was no problem any where whatsoever. The drivers were efficient and the trip magnificent. Fabulous team which gave us a memorable trip. Highly recommended,

Lawrence Leslie Whitmore
April 2013

Overall our satisfaction was fantastic. By far the greatest satisfaction was with the tour guides. The guy on Friday p.m. in Delhi was excellent and emphasized the information about the sights according to our particular interests. However, the guide at Agra and surrounds on Saturday and Sunday was excellent beyond belief. With his university background, particularly the nature of his doctoral thesis, he was able to give us a deep understanding of both the culture during the Mughal Empire as well as the relevance of it today. All of this was discussed in terms of the history and culture of Indian civilization and added significantly to my knowledge gained during university studies. I have travelled widely but never found a tour guide who was able to meet our precise needs so completely. Our driver was also very helpful and able to answer our questions when there was no guide available. Therefore we congratulate you on the choice of both tour guides and driver. The Hans Hotel was excellent on our first visit. We have already highly recommended your package to colleagues at the university, many of whom have yet to experience the Taj Mahal magic. Our next visit to India will focus on visiting Sikkim, Kashmir or other Himalayan countries so if you have packages for that part of the world we would be interested later in the year. We need to wait for the next major university holiday period,

Arthur Riding
April 2013

GeTS had easily the most reasonable prices and also came across as a very 'can-do' and flexible company. Because of the narrow window of time available to do the Golden Triangle tour, plus taking into account that the Taj Mahal was closed on Fridays, we had to re-arrange their normal schedule for the tour quite considerably but they were always helpful and obliging. I didn't like their first suggested choice of Delhi Hotel but they were very happy to give me some other options which we were happy with. Same with some alterations that we wanted to make after we had already set he schedule. The other thing I liked was that I could pay the 20% deposit online through a very straight-forward link that they e-mailed to me.So, very happy with the arrangements pre-arrival. The actual Golden Triangle tour and other arrangements, including the airport pick-ups also all went well. I was impressed with the fact that their airport greet representative not only met us but came with us in the car to our hotel to check that we got checked in OK. We had intended to store our luggage in our Delhi Hotel in between our various side trips but their representative suggested it might be better if we stored it at their offices, not far from the airport, which was very useful and they didn't even raise an eyebrow when we visited their offices halfway through our trip to exchange one set of dirty clothes for some clean ones. Not only that but their Managing Director came out to see us when we were at the office to check that we were happy with their services – a much appreciated action. We also had one of their customer service reps call us every couple of days, again to ensure that everything was OK, a good commitment to customer service. I was initially worried about their standard Indigo car they provided as it looked small from the pictures but I needn't have worried as it proved fine, even for someone of my size.Also it seems nearly all their drivers work just for tips and don't get a wage, though their main expenses are reimbursed, and it seems that is common practice in the Indian travel business.Two negatives which hopefully GeTS will sort out a) their schedulers need to check more carefully as some of the sights in Delhi were scheduled for the Monday when they were closed when really they could very easily have swapped those visits round with other sights we saw on other days, which were actually open on Mondays. As it was we unnecessarily missed out on some sights because they were closed on the scheduled day, b) some of the 'shops' we were taken to on our tour (as all tour companies do) were comparatively quite small and were very inflexible on price, so we weren't happy with that and GeTS need to look again at their choice of shops for customers to visit so as to have a wider choice of products and more reasonable and flexible pricing. However, those are small, correctable, points and overall we were very happy with the services provided by GeTS and would certainly use them again(