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Dasara Festival, Mysore

Be a Part of Royal Festivities in City of Palaces – Dasara Festival, Mysore

Location: Mysore, Karanataka (South Indian state)
Dates: October 8th, 2019
Highlights: Exhilarating festivities in the city, performances of artists, captivating parade of caparisoned elephants, dazzling fireworks.

If there's one thing that can match and befit the grandeur and opulence of the city of Mysore (in South Indian state of Karnataka), it is the magnificence that descends upon it with the festivities of the Hindu festival of Dussehra (Dasara).

Symbolizing the victory of good in the form of Lord Rama over the evil represented by the demon king Ravana, this festival is of a great religious and social significance in Hindu-majority country of India and is celebrated with great fervor across the country. Hence, visiting India at the time of Dussehra is really tantamount to treating oneself to a great, colorful, and spirited social life and culture of India.

Talking of the celebrations in Mysore, there is simply a lot for a tourist to cover it all. The breathtakingly beautiful Mysore Palace is the place to be at as it showcases charming architecture which is said to be a brilliant manifestation of a blend of Hindu, Muslim, Rajput, and Gothic styles of architecture. It also hosts the Dasara festival in quite a scintillating fashion. The sight of the charismatic palace in the nighttime, when it is illuminated with thousands of bulbs, is an absolute delight if you are a shutterbug. The city's culture comes to a full swing at the palace as leading artists perform in the palace's large gardens.

The surreal highlight of the festivities is a spectacular parade that is organized on the tenth day of the festival. The colorful parade showcases caparisoned elephants among which the principal is the one that carries the main deity of the Mysore City. The procession, which makes its way through the city slowly, really captures everyone's imagination with its beautiful tableaux. Subsequently, a torch light parade begins following which the night sky is lit up with an exhilarating display of fireworks.

So if you are planning to explore the charming spots of South India in October, do make sure to reserve a date with this city of palaces when its magic really comes alive.