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Kajli Teej Festival, Bundi

Kajli Teej Festival, Bundi- Rejoicing the Divine Martial Union amidst a Cultural Weave

Location - Bundi, Rajasthan
Date - August 29, 2018
Highlights - Enthralling Procession of ladies with Teej Goddess Idols, Cultural Programmes, Music & Dance Events

There can never be any one best time for visiting the state of Rajasthan for its fine assortment of fairs and festivals are well spread all across the twelve months of the year. And, so there is a great chance that one will get a good taste of the Rajasthani culture and tradition at the time of their India travel almost at all times of the year. The celebratory and lively aura of the place is certainly its underlining feature and its biggest strength. Among many others, the Kajli Teej Festival organized at Bundi, the queen of Hadoti region in Rajasthan is a stupendous festival and holds a special charm for all the married as well as would-be married girls of the place for conjugal love, bliss and fidelity in marriage is celebrated with full heart and soul herein.

It is a special monsoon fest of the region and welcomed with an open hearts, rejoicing it with great zeal and charisma, somewhere in the month of August. Each region of the state observes this ritual of Teej and each celebrate it in a distinct style of their own. The grand affair starts with an exuberant procession of Goddess Teej in an embellished palanquin, from the beauteous Naval Sagar, goes around through the main bazaars of the city and then, at last gathers at the Azad Park. The procession comprises of heavily bedecked elephants, camels, horses and the performing music and dance artists and a whole train of native people dressed fantastically in hued traditional outfits.

The two day long affair is filled with several different shades of tradition, culture, art, handicrafts and entertaining performances by professionals. This fest is majorly dedicated to honour the blissful union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and is primarily a time to renew fidelity in the institution of marriage for couples in the city. The event holds a special charm for tourists across the globe and is a nice initiative by the Rajasthan Government's Tourist department to promote the exchange of cultural and social values among people from different countries. the festivities and rituals attached to it are broadly carried out by the ladies, who dress up in bright clothes and ornaments especially for the occasion and also observe fasts on the day for their marital relationships. All of them carry the idols of Teej Mata during the procession and to the temple for worship, the idol which is also wonderfully portrayed in the miniature paintings of Bundi kept at the Garh Palace.

While the days are passed in the worship of Gods and other religious occupations, the evenings glitter with loud events like the Qawali performances, Kavi Samelan and Devotional Songs programme and music & dance nights, featuring both renowned as well as new artists of the region. It creates a magical atmosphere and all the participants and locals are seen making merry, all immersed in the melody of events. The fest may be only for two days but the festive feel remains very much alive late till the Janmashtami time. This can certainly be marked as an inevitable event to be visited during one's India travel at the time, when tourists come in particular to witness the activities of this festival.