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Ramdevra Fair

Taste of Indian Spirituality in Desert Lands of Rajasthan - Ramdevra Fair

Location: Ramdevra Village, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Dates: August-September
Highlights: Night-long singing of odes to spiritual guru

The legendary mystique of India has charmed the world for centuries. From Osho to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the mystics from India have captured the attention of the world community and have transformed lives through the meta narratives of the Indian spiritual thoughts.

So if India's enigmatic yet soulful spirit is something that enchants you, there is a hidden treasure that you can unearth right in the midst of the desert lands of Rajasthan. The Ramdevra Fair, which is organized in the months of August-September in Ramdevra village in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan, is really a must-see cultural and spiritual extravaganza for any foreign tourist seeking an experience that is rather exclusive. For the trivia, the village where the fair is organized is just 12 kilometers north of Pokhran – the site where India tested its nuclear weapons in 1974 and 1998. If that stresses your nerves, you need to relax as the place is widely regarded as a safe as is evidenced by the visits of thousands of people who throng the fair every year.

The legend goes that the village as well as the fair got their name from a 15th century saint named Baba Ramdev who was believed to have had miraculous powers. The saint is said to have assumed Samadhi (conscious exit from the mortal body) at the age of just 33 years. Subsequently, a Maharaja of Bikaner got a temple built around the samadhi. His greatness and following among the Muslims is said to be testified by the belief that five Pirs (saints) from Mecca in Iraq had sought to test his power and being convinced, they exhibited their respects for him.

What's really at the festival to enjoy and absorb is the captivating aura that is created when devotees faithfully sing odes to the Baba for whole nights at a stretch. It is not unusual for an individual to get completely immersed in the magical flow of the verses that are sung with some passion. In sum, it all comes together to conjure an experience that is simply a one for the life time.

As far as its accessibility is concerned, Ramdevra can be reached from Jodhpur and Pokhran by bus. So if you are planning on getting a feel of the India, make sure to add this intriguing spot to your itinerary as you explore the colorful sites of Rajasthan.