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Shekhawati Festival

Glancing at the Royal Rajputi Art and Architecture amidst an Organic Cultural Spectacle at the Shekhawati Festival

Location - Shekhawati village, Rajasthan
Date - February 15- 18, 2018
Highlights - Fine glimpse into the rich Rajasthani arabesque, Cultural Programmes, Camel and Jeep rides across the agricultural fields, Sports activities and different Competitions

Shekhawati is in a way a dreamy place and so completely drenched in the traditional art, architecture and culture that it is considered to be among the world’s best and ultimate heritage terminals. Shekhawati province is quite strikingly situated in the triangular region between Delhi, Bikaner and Jaipur and is quite easily commutable for all. This fest celebrated the true cultural and traditional vivacity of the place and beautifully showcases the picturesque colorful forts, palaces, Havelis or mansions, temples among the other majestic monuments/ buildings of the region.

The fine artistic work which adorns these ancient masterpieces like the mansions of the previous Rajput Maharajas, is delightful to see, touch, understand and adore. The place is quite famous for its popular frescoes and is increasingly climbing the ladder to becoming a good alternative for rural tourism destinations. It is quite a scene and an enjoyable ride around the place to get a nice glimpse of the countryside while perched on the back of a horse. Tourists are sure to return with an enduring impression of the extremely nice sociality and liveliness of the local people as well as with a permanent picture of the remarkable agricultural revolution sweeping the villages. Its sheer evidence lies in the rapid increase in the percentage of its crops which are utilized for exporting aside from the in-house requirement to as much as 80 percent.

The three day long affair is very lively and occupied with several different cultural shows, games, sport activities, music, dance and various competitions. Among the major ones are photo, painting rangoli and mehandi competitions, matka daur, rassakasi and singing-dancing contests. Tourists excitingly take part in all the events and mingle in with the natives to enjoy each shade of the region. A craft bazaar and things like daily shopping lucky draws etc are also organized at the fest. Visitors, coming in especially from the several different parts of the world, are rewarded in terms of a mouth-watering and healthy treat of the organic food, made from absolutely natural, chemical free and freshly cultivated from the farm products.

Another special aspect which adds another feather in the hat of this festival is the norm of eco-tourism which is accomplished in converting some of the exquisite mansions of the region into heritage hotels so as to cater to special staying experience to the visitors and dignitaries coming from world over. It is a sheer delight for the true committed admirers of royal art and architecture. A main attraction of the event includes a one day tour of the entire region, camel and jeep rides, farm visits, rural games, cultural programmes, havelis competitions and a bright classy display of fireworks. This cultural extravaganza is certainly worth a visit during one’s India travel at the time.