Your Ultimate Travel Guide to Varanasi

There are many things that make Varanasi the land of spirituality. We can start by calling it the oldest inhabited city in the world. Its mystic ambience starts from the first ray of the sun where the pilgrims pour tiny strain of water into the river till the sunsets and the Ganga Aarti at the bank is held. Although the origins of Varanasi are yet unknown, it is an abode to the Hindu deity Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. 

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Fascinating Facts About Hampi, NYT’s 2nd Must-See Destination in 2019

Hampi is the place to visit this year in India!! With the New York Times putting it second on the list of 52 must-see global destinations for 2019, visitors to this UNESCO World Heritage Site is definitely going to increase. The ancient Hindu temple and a cultural site in the south Indian state of Karnataka is known for its exquisite temples and ruins. A legacy of the 16th century Vijayanagara Empire, its well-preserved monoliths and stone temples are a real fascination to the world.

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